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IB History Paper 1: The Move to Global War


Publisher: Oxford Study Courses ISBN-13: 9781910689318

Author: Joe Gauci

Curriculum: IB Diploma Programme International Baccalaureate

Format: Paperback

Isbn 10: 1910689319

Language: English

Pages: 108 pages

Release date: 03/15/2017

Series: IB Diploma History

Year: 2017


This revision guide provides a focused review of SL and HL course content for IBDP History Paper 1: The Move to Global War. Closely mirroring the structure of the syllabus, it covers both prescribed case studies and explains how to use historical detail to write effective exam answers.

Coverage includes:

  • Japanese expansionism (1931–41)
  • Italian and German expansionism (1933–40)
  • The causes of expansion, important events, and international responses
  • Discussion of domestic, economic, and ideological issues

Key features:

  • Guidance on answering the four types of Paper 1 question
  • Exam-style practice questions with commentary and suggested responses
  • Margin box definitions of key technical and historical terms
  • Timelines to help visualise and contextualise events
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