MYP Interdisciplinary Teacher Toolkit (Version 2.0)

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Practical tools, classroom examples, and unit plans for all 8 MYP subjects!

  • Classroom examples and resources to give you ideas for interdisciplinary teaching & learning
  • Explanations and graphics to help you plan your interdisciplinary units
  • Updated for the new subject guide published in 2021

This mini toolkit supports MYP Coordinators as they organize interdisciplinary teaching & learning at their school and guide their MYP teachers through the planning, teaching, learning, & assessment process.

Easy-to-understand explanations for planning interdisciplinary teaching & learning.
Downloadable and printable unit plans in all MYP subjects.
Teacher videos and audios to help you plan your MYP interdisciplinary units and collaborate with colleagues.
Overviews and ideas for inspiration to support MYP Coordinators as they guide their teachers through the planning, teaching, and assessment phases.

Inside this Mini Toolkit

Mini Toolkit: Interdisciplinary Teaching & Learning
An Introduction to Interdisciplinary Teaching & Learning
The Aims and Objectives
Planning your Interdisciplinary Teaching & Learning
Final Thoughts
[ITL] How was your experience?
Certificate of Completion

See inside this Interdisciplinary Teaching & Learning mini toolkit

Some questions we hear often...

Can an experienced MYP Coordinator benefit from using the IB mini toolkit?

Definitely! With resources in every MYP subject, our mini toolkit includes a wide variety of ideas to spark your creativity and support your MYP teachers as they prepare and plan Interdisciplinary units.

This mini-toolkit includes all the updated subject guide information that was published in February 2021.

How does the mini toolkit help me as an MYP Coordinator?

This mini toolkit includes downloadable & printable resources in all 8 MYP subjects to give you ideas for how you can guide your MYP teaching team in creating purposeful and meaningful interdisciplinary units. Besides inspiration and init plans, you will find information on the purpose of interdisciplinary teaching and learning, and assessment guidance. This mini toolkit will prepare you to guide and support your MYP teachers through interdisciplinary teaching and learning for years 1-5.

Can I use this for all the teachers at my school and district?

Yes! This mini-toolkit is a great add-on to further your MYP teacher's knowledge and build their skills in both their content area and interdisciplinary teaching.

Bundle this mini toolkit with our other Ibtrove toolkits to create a customized learning plan for your teachers!

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