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Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Student Planner Grade 10 (2021)


Publisher: Edtrove ISBN-13: 9781733641791

Author: Hyam Elsaharty, Suresh Korapati Andrew Culley, Janna Nobleza

Curriculum: Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)

Format: Paperback

Isbn 10: 1733641793

Language: English

Release date: 23 July 2020

Year: 2020


Edtrove’s suite of products includes student planners for all grade levels, a printed teacher’s manual, and an electronic teacher toolkit all focused on seamlessly integrating social-emotional learning into students’ daily lives. Student planners include appropriately sequenced activities that target each of the CASEL competencies.


These 40-week planners consist of four themes (10 weeks per theme) including:

  1. Identity and Mindset (self-awareness skills)
  2. Courage and Kindness (relationship skills)
  3. A Place to Belong (social-awareness skills)
  4. Healthy Well-being (self-management skills and responsible decision-making skills)

Each week the planner focuses on one age-appropriate social-emotional learning lesson and includes an activity to help students internalize and understand the lesson.

Planners also include:

  • Learning Log or Homework Log
  • Goal-setting and goal reflection lessons
  • Lessons, book suggestions, and activity pages for each of the four themes/competencies
  • A review and reflection lesson at the end of each theme
  • SEL Resources in the back of the planners including real-world case studies, SEL reflection checklist, Mindfulness resources, and other age-appropriate SEL-specific resources for students
  • Blank notes pages and coloring/creative expression pages



  • CASEL-aligned lessons and activities
  • Logically sequenced lessons and activities
  • Student planners include appropriately sequenced activities that target each CASEL competency.



  • Accessible and appropriate lessons for diverse learners
  • Opportunities for students to use their strengths as an individual
  • Encourages safe communication and collaboration with peers



  • Opportunities for students to self-monitor their progress
  • Student-centered activities with real-world applications 
  • Giving students leadership and responsibility for their learning