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Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Student Planner Grades 3-5 (2021)


Publisher: Edtrove ISBN-13: 9781733641715

Author: Seltrove contributor team

Curriculum: Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)

Format: Paperback

Language: English

Pages: 150 pages

Release date: 23 July 2020

Year: 2020


This SEL planner is written specifically for 3rd through 5th-grade students. Upper elementary students are gaining more independence, but also tend to struggle with confidence and friendships.

With social, emotional, and mental development in mind, the Seltrove SEL planners focus on each CASEL competency with relevant examples and precise lessons to support their SEL skills development.


Take a look at the features of this grade 3-5 SEL planner

Flip through the grade 3-5 sample below for more examples

Students learn all 5 CASEL competencies including:

  • Self-awareness through songs, art, and physical activity that teach emotional vocabulary and growth mindset.
  • Self-management with an emphasis on learning tools to listen to your body and breath before making decisions.
  • Responsible decision-making by practicing how they would respond with relevant examples and social stories.
  • Relationship skills through acting, reading, and art activities that support the beginnings of building and maintaining friendships.
  • Social awareness with an emphasis on recognizing differences in others and accepting these differences, and empathy.
  • Key settings are supported through a home-school connection in the learning log.
Each week the planner focuses on one age-appropriate social-emotional learning lesson and includes an activity to help students internalize and understand the lesson.

Planners also include:
  • Learning Log or Homework Log
  • Goal-setting and goal reflection lessons
  • Lessons, book suggestions, and activity pages for each of the four themes/competencies
  • A review and reflection lesson at the end of each theme
  • SEL Resources in the back of the planners including real-world case studies, SEL reflection checklist, Mindfulness resources, and other age-appropriate SEL-specific resources for students
  • Blank notes pages and coloring/creative expression pages


Additionally Planners also include:

  • Engaging Lessions
  • SEL Resources
  • Self-Assessments
  • Fun Activities
  • Goal Setting
  • SEL Stories

  • CASEL-aligned lessons and activities
  • Logically sequenced lessons and activities
  • Student planners include appropriately sequenced activities that target each CASEL competency.

  • Accessible and appropriate lessons for diverse learners
  • Opportunities for students to use their strengths as an individual
  • Encourages safe communication and collaboration with peers

  • Opportunities for students to self-monitor their progress
  • Student-centered activities with real-world applications
  • Giving students leadership and responsibility for their learning
 Common questions about Using this Planner
Question: What training does a teacher need to use this planner?Answer: This SEL planner is classroom-ready and requires no SEL training on the teacher's part.

Question: How long is each lesson?
Answer: Lessons take about 10-15 minutes to complete. Each lesson also includes extension activities that are optional.
Lessons are designed to flow easily into busy school days and easily integrate into busy teacher's schedules.

Question: How do my students use this planner?
Answer: Lessons can be completed during class time individually, in small groups, or as a class. They are also designed to be done at home with minimal parent/guardian support. All lessons are accessible and appropriate for a range of diverse learners in a multitude of school settings.

No teacher preparation is required to use these SEL planners!