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This pack contains a Pack of 100 Black and White Storybooks for Sound Blending, Red Ditty, Green, Purple, Pink, Yellow and Blue, Pack of 120 Orange, Pack of 130 Grey, Pack of 100 Fiction Book Bag Books for Red Ditty, Green, Purple, Pink, Yellow and Blue, Pack of 120 Orange, Pack of 130 Grey: 1,800 books in total.

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95 Book Bag Books, matched to Read Write Inc. classroom Storybooks, from Sound Blending level to Set 7 Grey and 85 Black and White Storybooks, from Red Ditty level to Set 7 Grey, for take home reading
Book Bag Books review of Story Green Words and phonic content from corresponding Read Write Inc. Storybook
Increased opportunities for reading practice, leading to faster progress
Each Book Bag Book has comprehension activities, including 'Questions to Chat About' and highly visual 'Retell the Story'
A wide range of stunning illustrations and a variety of text types, including: fiction, non-fiction, letters, diaries, fairy tales
Supportive notes for parents and carers, including: pre-reading activities, Story Green Words, Red Words, and Vocabulary Check
Each Black and White Storybook contains the same story as its corresponding colour Storybook, but includes clear guidance for parents at every step
Video support on and can be used alongside the books to help parents feel confident pronouncing pure sounds. 

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