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Lectiones Memorabiles Volume IV Selections from Horace, Livy, Martial, Sallust, and Vergil (New 2018)


Publisher: Bolchazy-Carducci ISBN-13: 9780865168596

Author: Mary Jaeger and Laurel Draper

Dimension: 6 x 9 inches

Edition: 1st Edition

Format: Paperback

Isbn 10: 0865168598

Language: English

Pages: 368 pages

Release date: 03/01/2018

Year: 2018


This reader contains the prescribed passages for the Social Criticism and Villains portions of the IB Latin syllabus with examinations in 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022. Same- and facing-page notes provide historical background, cultural context, and grammatical assistance. Introductions to each selection orient students to significant themes and events. The reader includes introductions to each author, appendices on meter and on literary terms, and a historical timeline. The prescribed passages for Vergil, History, and Love Poetry can be found in Lectiones Memorabiles: Volume III.

Special Features

  • Introductions to Social Criticism and Villains
  • Unadapted Latin passages with same- and facing-page notes: 
    Social Criticism:
    SL and HL: Horace, Epodes 7, 16; Horace, Satire 1.6; Martial, Epigrams 
        1.35, 1.41, 6.64, 10.10, 10.20, 12.61

    HL Only:  Horace, Carmina 1.2; Martial, Epigrams  11.6, 11.32, 11.56, 11.98

    SL and HL:  Vergil, Aeneid 10.689–768; Livy, Ab Urbe Condita 1.57–60; Sallust, Bellum Catilinae 1–9

    HL Only: Livy, Ab Urbe Condita 3.44–48
  • Introductions for each author and for each selection
  • Metrical appendix
  • Appendix of rhetorical devices and figures of speech
  • Historical timeline
  • Family tree of the Tarquins
  • Latin-to-English glossary