Read Write Inc - Phonics Sound Blending Books Pack of 10 (9780198424567)

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Read Write Inc. Phonics: Sound Blending Books - Mixed Pack of 10 (1 of each) contains:
The Read Write Inc. Phonics Sound Blending Books provide extra practice for those children who are beginning to blend confidently.

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Simple, one-word-per-page books for individual or partner practice
Each word is first encountered on the right-hand page. When the child turns the page, they will see the word again, with any digraphs ('special friends') underlined and an accompanying picture, so they can check they have read the word correctly
Ten books, progressing in complexity from simple CVC words, to CVC words with digraphs, to CVCC/CCVC words and beyond
To be used after children can confidently blend with Nursery Green Word Cards, and before children read the Red Ditty Books.

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