Read Write Inc - Phonics Handbooks Ditty Photocopy Masters (9780198374220)

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The Ditty Photocopy Masters include individual worksheets with short sentences and texts that contain Set 1 (and some Set 2) Speed Sounds for children who need extra practice decoding. They also include simple writing and comprehension activities.

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Ditties 1-20 can be used as a more gradual introduction to short groups of CVC words before children read the Red Ditty Books
Ditties 21-40 can be used after the children have read the Red Ditty Books for further practice
Ditties 41-50 can be used for children who have read Set 1 Green Storybooks and Set 2 Purple Storybooks but need more practice reading words with ay, ee, igh, ow, oo before reading Set 3 Pink Storybooks.

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