Read Write Inc - Phonics Set 7 Grey Get Writing! Books Pack of 10 (9780198374169)

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Read Write Inc. Phonics: Get Writing! Grey Book Pack of 10 contains:
Read Write Inc. Phonics: Get Writing! Grey Book

The Get Writing! Books contain a range of writing activities for each of the Storybooks and selected Non-fiction books for an effective approach to teaching early reading and writing. Step-by-step guidance helps children move from writing simple sentences to extended texts such as invitations, letters, descriptive texts and non-fiction texts.

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Longer composition activities are based on a new six-step process with lots of oral rehearsal and role play so children are full of ideas before they write
Grammar, spelling and vocabulary activities are fully integrated and drawn from the Storybook texts. They are matched to the 2014 National Curriculum to help children reach the higher standards
Check boxes throughout the books prompt children to proofread and review their writing, helping them to make sustained progress
Detailed lesson plans for these writing activities are provided in the Read Write Inc. Phonics Handbooks and Read Write Inc. Phonics Online
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