DP and MYP Teacher Toolkits

Resources, best practices, and classroom examples created and shared by experienced IB educators.

Guiding IB educators towards success!


Teacher Toolkits give educators the tools they need to succeed

Ibtrove's Teacher Tools include printable and downloadable resources, best practice ideas and theory, and easy-to-understand explanations for most DP and MYp subject areas by IB examiners, workshop leaders, and other IB experts.
  • Expert contributors

Our Toolkit Contributors include IBEN members, IB workshop leaders, MYP site visitors, DP examiners, and subject guide contributors.
  • Printable resources

PDF Printables that you can download and use immediately in your classroom including unit plans, lesson activities, and rubrics.
  • Certificate of Completion

Each toolkit comes with a teacher certificate of completion which can be applied to CEU's.
  • Scope & Sequence Support

Explore unit plans designed by expert teachers and learn how to best create your scope & sequence for effective teaching and learning.
  • Cost effective available 24/7

Reasonably priced with 12-months of access, so teachers have support all year long! Available at any time, 24/7.
  • Works on any device

Our toolkits are web-based and available on any device or browser
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Find toolkits for all your MYP, DP and CP educators!

MYP Teacher Toolkits

  • Downloadable, printable unit plans and lesson activities.
  • Detailed support for how to build a unit of inquiry.
  • Assessment best practices and samples to guide teachers to create more authentic MYP assessments.
  • Onboard your new teachers better

DP Teacher Toolkits

  • Downloadable unit plans and lesson activities.
  • Scope and sequence support with examples from DP experts.
  • Student samples of both the EAs and IAs to practice marking assessments.
  • Onboard all your DP teachers all at once

    CP Teacher Toolkits

    • Guidance and best practices focusing on the pedagogical principles of the Career-Related Programme
    • Support for designing a scope and sequence.
    • Downloadable resources for the CP Core, PPS, and CRS.
    • Learn how to integrate the DP subjects into your CP.


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    Our Customers Feedback

    We've helped over 4,500 IB educators in the past few years to navigate how to become a better teacher and implement best practices in their classrooms.
    Using Ibtrove courses I was able to get all 20 of my IB teachers trained quickly with minimal disruption to their schedule. Plus we saved quite a bit of money which was the cherry on top.

    Richard Gant


    As a DP Coordinator, Ibtrove allowed me to support the teachers in my program much more effectively.

    Jordan Pratt

    IB Diploma Coordinator

    The handouts are phenomenal. I saved everything. I cannot get over how brilliantly organized and relevant the handouts were. I can see how to adapt those to make use of them in my course.

    Elizabeth Rush

    IB Teacher


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I need to install any software?

    No. All you need is an internet connection and a device the device of your choice. You can access your Ibtrove course on any computer, browser, tablet or mobile device. All browsers are supported

    How can I choose the toolkits for my teachers?

    We offer a number of different learning paths. Read through the descriptions of each subject's toolkit in each programme to see which toolkit fits your needs. If you need any advice or clarifications, we are here to help.

    Are DP and MYP Teacher Toolkits endorsed by the IB

    No we are not. This work/product/service has been developed independently from and is not endorsed by the International Baccalaureate Organization. International BaccalaureateĀ®, Baccalaureat InternationalĀ®, Bachillerato InternacionalĀ® and IBĀ® are registered trademarks owned by the International Baccalaureate Organization.

    Can I use the toolkits for professional development?

    Yes you can! Schools can use them as in-school professional development by subscribing each teacher to a toolkit and using the workbook's discussion questions for opportunities to collaborate. Teachers can use them independently and will receive a digital certificate that can be submitted as proof of completion.