Ordering Information

We offer multiple options for order placement,Email: cs@myibsource.com Phone: (312) 224-2536 Fax: (312) 212-5534 Mail: 516 N. Ogden Avenue, #111, Chicago, IL 60642 Online Store: www.myibsource.com

Yes, we do! You can email, fax or mail your purchase orders to us: Email: cs@myibsource.com Fax: (312) 212-5534 Mail: 516 N. Ogden Avenue, #111, Chicago, IL 60642
We are an approved vendor with school districts nationwide, so chances are we're already approved by your district. In the event that we're not yet registered as a vendor with your district, please contact us and we are happy to fill out the required paperwork to become approved.
Our standard delivery timeframe is approximately 2-3 weeks after your order is placed. However, many of our bestselling titles are "Quick Ship", meaning that they will ship from our warehouse in Chicago within 24 hours after your order is placed, assuming we have enough stock to fulfill your order
We do offer discounts on orders to individual IB World Schools. If you are a school district adopting a textbook, please contact us to discuss a large quantity discount.
Returns will only be accepted if IB Source has supplied the wrong book (different Title/Author/ISBN from the one we originally quoted),. If you receive a book that has been damaged, please contact IB Source to ask about obtaining a return authorization. Under no circumstances will returns be accepted without our prior written authorization.
Yes we can supply items from the IB Store

Payment Information

The following payment options are available with IB Source: Credit Card (IB Source accepts Visa, Master Card and American Express), Paypal, Check (Checks can be sent to: IB Source, 516 N. Ogden Avenue, #111, Chicago, IL 60642 USA).
Wire Transfer (please contact us for wire transfer details), School or District Purchase Order (sent via email, fax or mail to IB Source) ***Please note that for online orders, your credit card will be charged at the time your order is placed.
For all North American customers ordering via phone, fax, email or purchase order, the payment terms are “payment upon receipt” of the order.
For all international customers (outside the USA and Canada) ordering via phone, fax, email or purchase order, pre-payment is required on all orders.
VAT or local taxes may be assessed by Fedex for delivery to an international address – the responsibility for payment of these taxes rests solely with the international customer and will not be paid by IB Source under any circumstances.

Shipping Information

Shipping is included in the website price for all customers in the Continental USA. International customers should note that additional shipping charges will apply.
We ship all North American orders via Fedex Ground. International orders are shipped via Fedex International Economy.

Sample Information

Yes, we do! IB Source offers two easy options for previewing our textbooks: you can either order individual examination copies, or borrow subject-specific Sample Sets (which include all of the bestselling textbooks for the subject you request).
Please complete your Examination Copy Request here.
Individual Examination Copies: If you are a teacher, instructor, or professor and would like to consider a book for classroom use, IB Source will send you a complementary examination copy for review during a sixty-day period. At the end of the sixty day review period, we ask that you return the examination copy to IB Source. In the event that you decide you would like to keep the examination copy and do not return it to IB Source, an invoice will be issued to you for the cost of the book. Sample Sets: Sample Sets include all of the bestselling textbooks for the subject you request. Sample Sets can be borrowed for three weeks (21 days) at a time. Schools pay round-trip shipping costs ($50.00/set) for the Sample Set as a whole. You can request an IB Source individual examination copy or order a sample set by contacting customer support by Email at: cs@myibsource.com.

Product Information

We include books that are not yet published in our website so that you can consider these books when making purchasing decisions. If a book is not yet published, you will see the "Release Date" noted in the book details on our website.

EBOOKs Information

Depending on the title, the following formats may be available If you want to read an eBook, your eReader device or application must be compatible with both the file format and the DRM format of the eBook. You will need Adobe Digital Editions in order to download and read ePUB files.  For a listing of mobile apps and devices compatible with our DRM system click here
Digital Rights Management (DRM) ensure that the person who buys an eBook is its sole owner and is unable to share the file with others. DRM specification for each eBook are set by the publishers who own the respective copyrights.
No, sorry Kindle is a 'closed' device so only content bought from Amazon can be viewed on a Kindle.
eBook copyright rules only allow the purchaser to use the eBook for personal use. You may however put the eBook onto more than one device that is registered to you.
Yes, as long as the device is registered to you, you can use only one device only. Once you purchase the ebook on myibsource.com, you can only download it once from our site onto your Adobe Digital editions. You can NOT download 1 purchased ebook onto multiple devices. Please insure to download the file on the device the book will be used on
Where can I get help with Adobe Digital Editions?
No. The software provided by Adobe is totally free.
By authorising your computer you will link all your eBook purchases to your Adobe account. This means that you can then transfer those eBooks to other computers. If you have eBooks on multiple computers, you need to authorize each one with Digital Editions prior to transferring eBooks between them. Conversely if you do not authorise your computer, DRM protected items that you have already downloaded or will download later are tied to that particular computer and are not readable on other computers or devices. They also can't be restored from backup if the operating system is reinstalled.
Digital Editions has an "Authorize (sic) this computer" menu item that you can use after initial installation.
Yes, you can. You can also buy different formats (ePUB & PDF) at the same time depending on what the Publishers offer.
Not usually once it's been downloaded to a device but if you're not happy with the experience or there are content issues, please let us know so we can try to resolve this for you. Please contact our support team who will be able to help. Please make sure before you submit your order you know that this is the format you want – see above for format details. Please check before you attempt to download your eBook that it is compatible with your eReader or device, as we cannot issue a refund once the content has been downloaded.
Don't worry; we're here to help! We'll need some information from you to help us solve your problem. Usually we'll want to know what version of Adobe Digital Editions you have, where you are attempting to download your eBook and where in the process the error occurred, a screen print of any error message, what device you're using, browser etc. Problems don't happen often but when they do they are usually quick and easy to resolve. Click here to contact us.
Once an eBook order has been placed we cannot refund it regardless of whether the eBook has been downloaded to your computer or not. I have downloaded an eBook to my Bookshelf Software but cannot see it. Please make sure that your Bookshelf Software is the newest version, if it is not then the eBook may not be visible on your Bookshelf. Please click here to see our walk through guide and confirm all the steps taken making sure that when you are asked if you want to "Open" or "Save" the eBook link that you choose the "Open" button. I have deleted my email that contained the eBook download link, is my order now lost? You can download each eBook only once from the download link. Simply log into your IBSource account and then click on 'My account' at the top of the page. Then scroll down and click on the 'My downloadable Products' link, where you can then click on the download link of the relevant eBook. My downloaded eBook will not open There can be a number of reasons that an eBook will not open, but the main reason is that the Bookshelf software needs to be updated. Please check that you have the most current version installed on your system. The number of downloads you are permitted.
Please confirm you have read all the Frequently Asked Questions and the relevant download instructions before sending an email to cs@myibsource.com. Please make sure you include as much detail as possible e.g: • IBSource order number • eBook EAN or Title • A clear description of the problem • Details of any error messages • The eBook bookshelf software that you are using • The device that you are trying to move the eBook onto Your query will be passed on to our technical team who will contact you by email to resolve the problem.
This will vary from eBook to eBook as the rules governing the printing are dictated by the publisher. Therefore some eBooks will be fully printable; some will only allow a percentage of the eBook to be printed and some none at all.
No. Much the same as a physical book, new revisions would require a new purchase.
Don't worry, we're here to help! Our customer and technical support teams can be contacted by email. Email us at cs@myibsource.com. We will respond to your email within 1 working day. Please also read our device specific help pages above, as they might contain the answer you're looking for. eBook terminology explained Bookshelf software: An essential piece of software that allows you to decrypt and read the downloaded eBook. (For example, our eBooks work with the following Bookshelf Software: Adobe Digital Editions (ADE), Sony Reader for PC and Blue Fire). DRM: Digital Rights Management. This means an eBook is encrypted to stop it being copied and freely passed around. All IBSource eBooks are protected by DRM. Download link / eBook link: A web address that takes you to the eBook download site. eBook reader: A mobile device that is used for reading eBooks on away from your main computer.