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CPS currently has 56 IB schools: 22 of them are high schools, and 34 are elementary schools.  This represents the largest concentration of International Baccalaureate schools in the world.  IB Source is a registered vendor with all CPS schools and located just west of downtown Chicago.  For 15 years, IB Source and CPS have been partners in helping to IB teachers find affordable resources, learn about curriculum changes and streamlining their purchasing.

Here are a few ways the CPS IB Support Center can help your teachers:

  • Samples from all the supporting publishers    

  • Teacher starter packs that provide early access to new books and teacher guides

  • E-sample library for all those hard to find books you need to preview

  • MYP Interactive Unit Plan Builder that offers a step by step guide to building your unit plans FREE!

  • Edtrove Diploma & MYP Teacher Prep course previews...Help prepare your teachers

  • Core student resources that every student needs to survive the IB! (PLANNERS, JOURNALS, ATL)

  • Plus our "REAL HUMAN" customer service team that is always available to help you with all things IB!