NEW Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) Teacher Toolkit (Version 2.0)

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Product description

Ibtrove's Teacher Tools include printable and downloadable resources, best practice ideas and theory, and easy-to-understand explanations for most DP subject areas by IB examiners, Workshop Leaders, and other IB experts.

20+ printable downloadable resources and informative graphics to deepen your knowledge.

Easy-to-understand explanations to help you improve your knowledge and build your CAS programme.

Student project samples to help you think of ways to deepen and expand your own programme.

Plan CAS experiences and monitor your students with classroom examples and best practices from experienced teachers.

CAS Toolkit Structure

SESSION 1 - Overview and Support of CAS

  • Introduction
  • Aims & Overview
  • Learning Outcomes
  • The Learner Profile
  • Closure
  • Quiz on Session 1

SESSION 2 - CAS Experiences

  • Introduction
  • Planning CAS Experiences
  • The Stages, the Portfolio & the Project
  • Closure
  • Quiz on Session 2

SESSION 3 - Developing a CAS programme

  • Introduction
  • Implementing a CAS Programme
  • Supporting & Monitoring your Students
  • Closure
  • How was your experience?
  • Certificate of Completion


Demo Product: Toolkit Samples

Do you want to take a quick peek inside our IB Teacher Toolkits before you purchase toolkits for your teachers? Use this demo to get a sense of what's inside our toolkits!

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    Curriculum: IB Diploma Programme International Baccalaureate

    Language: English