NEW DP Design Technology Teacher Toolkit (Version 2.0)

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Product description

Practical tools, classroom examples, and content from IB examiners and experienced DP Design Technology teachers.

  • Scope & Sequence and unit plan support to help you plan your course
  • Classroom examples and downloadables to use in your own classroom
  • Assessment examples so you can accurately grade your students

 Easy-to-understand explanations for all subject guide elements including the core and AHL topics to help you improve your knowledge.
65+ printable downloadable resources and informative graphics to use in your classroom and deepen your knowledge.
Student assessment samples of the EAs and the IA to help you mark your students' assessments more accurately.
Plan your scope & sequence after reviewing classroom examples from experienced DP Design Tech teachers.

Design Technology Toolkit Structure

SESSION 1 - Introduction

Introduction to the Course
Introduction to Design Tech
Aims & Objectives
Scope & Sequence
Quiz on Session 1

SESSION 2 - Teaching the core & the AHL

Teaching the Core Topics
Teaching the HL Topics

SESSION 3 - The External Assessment

The Exam Papers
Assessment Marking Quiz
Assessment Marking with Samples for Practice
Learning Activities and Lesson Plan Suggestions

SESSION 4 - The Internal Assessment

The IA
Unpacking the Rubrics and Assessment Marking
Quiz on Session 3 & 4

SESSION 5 - The Group 4 Project

The Group 4 Project
Group 4 Project Samples and Best Practices

SESSION 6: Incorporating IB Best Practices

Teaching & Learning in an IB Classroom (the Learner Profile, ATL, and ATT)
The Core (TOK, CAS, and EE) in DP Design Tech
Quiz on Session 5 & 6
[DPDesign] How was your experience?
Certificate of Completion

Deepen your knowledge of DP Design Tech and get classroom tools to support your teaching practice!

Some questions we hear often...

How does the toolkit help me with IA & EA?

This toolkit includes both content to deepen your knowledge of the assessments and downloadable resources on the EAs and IA. This includes:
Explanations and examples of how to prepare your students for their Paper 1, Paper 2, and Paper 3 EAs, as well as the IA.
Detailed information on using the rubrics to grade your students' assessments.
Assessment samples to practice your marking.
Lesson activities to help you prepare your students for assessments, and ways you can scaffold the skills needed for your students to be successful.

Can an experienced DP Design Tech teacher benefit from using the IB toolkit?

Definitely! With over 65+ printable resources and lots of classroom ideas and expert advice, our toolkit includes a wide variety of ideas to spark your creativity and get you excited about teaching DP Design Technology.

Can I use this for all my teachers at my school and district?

Yes! This DP Design Tech toolkit is designed to work with our other Ibtrove toolkits so all your teachers deepen their knowledge in their IB subject and have classroom examples and downloadables to use in their classroom.

Bundle this toolkit with our other Ibtrove toolkits to create a customized learning plan for your teachers!


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Curriculum: IB Diploma Programme International Baccalaureate

Language: English