Read Write Inc - Literacy and Language Year 3 Easy Buy Back (9780198376071)

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Read Write Inc. Literacy and Language covers literacy and language teaching in Years 26/P37. It inspires a love of literature through the study of complete texts, with grammar skills taught in context, to ensure children become confident readers and writers with real skills at their command.

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Each unit offers a multi-layered approach to developing comprehension, vocabulary, writing, critical thinking, spoken language. The resources for each year are a Teaching Handbook, a CD-ROM, an Anthology, a Pupils' Book, a Homework Book and Assessment Progress Tests. Work centres around the Anthology texts, which contain complete stories, poems, playscripts and non-fiction texts written by leading authors including: Michael Morpurgo, Jeremy Strong, Ted Hughes, Jamila Gavin, Geraldine McCaughrean and Roger McGough.Grammar concepts are taught in context and through writing so they are meaningful for children.

The software also contains a Grammar Bank - a reference tool for teachers to help them teach grammar with confidence. It covers all the grammar concepts in the National Curriculum and includes 'Test yourself' sections, with answers. This Year 3 Easy Buy Pack contains: Year 3 Pupils' Book Pack of 15; Year 3 Teaching Handbook; Year 3 CD-ROM; Year 3 Homework Book Pack of 10 x 3; Year 3 Anthology Pack of 15; Year 3&4 Progress Tests.

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