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Core Topics HL Worked Solutions (DIGITAL COPY DURATION 2 YEARS)


Publisher: Haese Mathematics ISBN-13: 9781925489859

Author: Michael Haese, Kark Humphries, Chris Sangwin, Ngor Vo, Bradley Steventon Charlotte Frost Joseph Small Michael Mampusti

Curriculum: IB Diploma Programme

Edition: Digital Copy duration: 24 months

Format: Paperback

Language: English

Pages: 860 pages

Series: IB Mathematics Core Topics HL 1

Year: 2019


This book gives you fully worked solutions for every question in Exercises, Review Sets, Activities, and Investigations (which do not involve experimentation) in each chapter of our textbook Mathematics: Core Topics HL.

Where applicable, each worked solution is modelled on the relevant worked example in the textbook. Correct answers can sometimes be obtained by different methods.

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