Read Write Inc - Comprehension Super Easy Buy Pack (9780198433767)

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This Read Write Inc. Comprehension Super Easy Buy Pack contains 20 copies of each of the 14 Modules and one copy of the Handbook.

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The Handbook contains step-by-step lesson plans for teaching all the reading and writing activities in the Modules, guidance on organising the programme in your school, timetable information, assessment and guidance on marking.
It also includes an answer key for the grammar and spelling activities.
The Modules contain two linked texts and activities designed to develop comprehension skills and provide practice in vocabulary, grammar and writing.
Comprehensive professional development from Ruth Miskin Training ensures consistent practice across your school.Ā 

Comprehensive professional development from Get Reading, Love Reading LLC. Contact Colleen Somich, Founder and Ruth Miskin Training Certified Consultant atĀ

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