Panorama Francophone 2 Livre de l'eleve (Old Syllabus Edition) 2011

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN13: 9781107572676

Author: Danièle Bourdais, Sue Finnie, Geneviève Talon, Jenny Ollerenshaw

Curriculum: Diploma Programme

Format: Paperback

Isbn 10: 1107572673

Language: French

Pages: 152 pages

Release date: September 15, 2015

Title tag: Panorama Francophone 2 Livre de l'eleve

Year: 2015


Panorama francophone 2 is the second student book of this series designed for the ab initio French course for the IB Language B programme.

Designed to support IB Language B ab initio students, Panorama francophone 2 is the second of two student's books covering the two-year course.

International in approach and containing material designed to engage older teenage learners, Panorama francophone 2 requires students to think and reflect at an intellectual level suitable for the IB Diploma, while placing a strong emphasis on developing intercultural understanding, and on French as a world language.

Links to ToK and CAS are fully integrated into the learning and all language is taught and practised in context.

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