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IB Theory of Knowledge Online Course Book (2020 edition)


Publisher: Oxford University Press ISBN-13: 9780198497752

Author: Marija Uzunova Dang, Arvin Singh Uzunov-Dang

Curriculum: IB Diploma Programme International Baccalaureate

Format: Paperback

Isbn 10: 019849775X

Language: English

Release date: 05/04/2020

Series: IB Diploma Program Theory of Knowledge

Year: 2020


Supporting the latest TOK syllabus, for first teaching September 2020, these inquiry-based resources are developed directly with the IB to help learners navigate complex issues of knowledge.


  • A thorough and in-depth account of the IB Theory of Knowledge course for first assessment 2022 including chapters on each of the five optional Themes and all of the Areas of Knowledge
  • Extended case studies with fascinating source material that can be used for classroom activities and discussions
  • Interesting and challenging content to help students consider a wide range of views and ideas from multiple perspectives
  • Content viewed through the required conceptual framework of 'Scope', 'Perspectives', 'Methods and tools' and 'Ethics'
  • Comprehensive support for the assessment including the Exhibition and Essay
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