MYP Projects Teacher Toolkit (Version 2.0)

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See a 90-second overview of how this toolkit can help deepen your knowledge of MYP Projects!

Practical tools, classroom examples, and content from IB examiners, regional workshop leaders, and experienced MYP Coordinators, Supervisors, and teachers.

Expert best practices and guidance from experienced MYP Projects Coordinators.
Tools and student samples for both the Community and Personal Projects.
Detailed guidance for creating a timeline that works best for your school.
Free printable and downloadable resources to get you started and feeling confident about coordinating & supervising the MYP Projects.


Your digital workbook is designed to help expand your work on the core concepts within each online session. A wide range of activities, real classroom examples, infographics, and self-assessments will help enhance your understanding of each concept as it relates to your specific DP and MYP subjects.

Each digital workbook is downloadable and may be be printed when you begin your Ibtrove session. Consider it your unique repository of observations and reflections that you can share with students, peers, or as a reference tool while you navigate your IB school year.

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Inside the Course


Maria currently works at SEK International School Qatar as a DP and MYP Spanish Language Acquisition teacher and MYP Community Project Coordinator. She has experience as an MYP Coordinator and a Spanish Language and Literature teacher in both MYP and DP.

Maria del Carmen Palma Sànchez

MYP Projects Coordinator, MYP & DP Spanish teacher

Nicole Blackmon has been involved in the IB since 2001, teaching MYP individuals and societies, design and serving as an MYP and DP coordinator. Currently, Nicole is the IB Coordinator at Jones HS in Orlando Florida. As a member of the IB Educator Network, she conducts IB workshops, site visits, consultations and is a reviewer for BQC

Nicole Blackmon

MYP & DP Coordinator, IBEN Member, Workshop Leader, Site Visitor, & Reviewer for BQC

Matthew Astone is the IB MYP Coordinator at Glenridge Middle School in Orlando, FL. He received a Masters of Education in Educational Leadership from the American College of Education and a Bachelors of Music in Music Education from Westminster Choir College. Previously he was the IB Community Project Coordinator and the Choral Director at Glenridge. Within the IB Educators Network, he is a workshop leader, programme leader and school site team member.

Matthew Astone

MYP Coordinator, IBEN Member, Workshop Leader, Programme Leader, & Site Team Member

Can an experienced MYP Coordinator benefit from using this toolkit?

Definitely! With resources and best practices for every MYP subject, our MYP Projects toolkit includes a wide variety of ideas to prepare your students for their Project and support your MYP teachers as they supervise this project. This toolkit includes all the updated subject guide information that was published in February 2021.

How does the toolkit help me as an MYP Coordinator or Projects Supervisor?

This toolkit includes downloadable & printable resources to help you in the planning and organizing steps of MYP Projects, ideas for all 8 MYP subjects with connections to the Community & Personal Project, and assessment samples. Learn from IBEN members who facilitate workshops for the IB on MYP Projects in an easy-to-use toolkit format.

Can I use this for all the teachers at my school and district?

Yes! This toolkit is a great resource for teachers who are supervising the MYP Projects for the first time or just want to build their knowledge in the Projects.

You can also bundle this toolkit with our other Ibtrove toolkits to create a customized learning plan for your teachers!

MYP Projects Teacher Toolkit (Version 2.0)

MYP Projects Teacher Toolkit (Version 2.0)
MYP Projects Teacher Toolkit (Version 2.0)
MYP Projects Teacher Toolkit (Version 2.0)
MYP Projects Teacher Toolkit (Version 2.0)
“For teachers seeking to aid their students in mastering MYP Projects, the MYP Projects Teacher Toolkit is an exceptional resource. It offers a detailed guide that teachers can follow to support their students' success in the MYP Projects course. The toolkit is particularly helpful for teachers who wish to gain an understanding of the course or those seeking to refresh their knowledge of it.”

Paul Howard

Teacher for MYP Projects

“I am a fan of anything that helps educators and I am a fan of the MYP. I find that the MYP is a great way to teach global citizenship and students are learning how to learn (they are developing transferable skills). I wanted to find the best resources for teachers to help them teach MYP Projects and I found this. The MYP Projects Teacher Toolkit is a collection of downloadable resources and graphics that help teachers organize, plan and implement MYP Projects in the classroom. I found that the information was presented in a clear and easy-to-understand way and will be a great resource for teachers to use when teaching MYP Projects.”

Maire Geoghegan‑Quinn

MYP Projects

“The MYP Projects Teacher Toolkit provides teachers with a comprehensive roadmap to assist their students in excelling in the MYP Projects program. The toolkit is especially useful for instructors looking to either acquaint themselves with the course or update their existing knowledge of it.”

Julie Rudd

MYP Projects Teacher