2021-2022 MYP Student Planner
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2021-2022 MYP Student Planner

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2021-2022 MYP Student Planner

2021-2022 MYP Student Planner

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Each week the planner focusses on essential skills and strategies which complement the approaches to learning:

  • Research skills –  Homework and study tips, note taking, referencing skills, gathering and presenting information
  • Communication skills – presentations, listening, effective reading, body language
  • Thinking skills – critical thinking, higher level thinking tools, problem solving, reflection activities
  • Social skills – working in groups, emotional skills, coping skills, ethical behaviour
  • Self-management skills – motivation and goal setting tools, time management, organization skills 
  • Mindfulness Activities


You can also customize to your school.  We can add your school name, logo and 10 pages of custom content. 

These custom planners have a minimum order of 250 copies per order and pricing is based on final quantity needed.  Ask us how!